Good & Reputable position in society is desired by all.

To be successful in your social life and career, you need to prepare well. At Alphabet Library, Jaipur people of all ages have learnt to read & get ready for the career battle about to come.

You study in small and friendly groups where everyone works hard and has a lot of fun. It may seem  nice but does affect your career as the precious time of your life is spent away without much gain. Hence, our library provide just the right kind of environment for you and yet,Our friendly and patient advisers encourage our readers from the day you start. Alphabet library helps you improves your time you spend with your book & increase your concentration power as we provide serene studious environment. Alphabet library is one of the most experienced and ranks among top best Library in the Jaipur having registered readers 829 students till December 31,2017.We proudly call ourselves the Best Reader’s Library for the preperation of Govt. Jobs or various career choices.

Located in Pratap Nagar in Jaipur the Pink City region, our center iis easy meeting places for students at all times of day.

Alphabet Spoken English Classes was founded in Jaipur in 2015. It has grown to become a network of  8 language centers in many cities of India.

Our Vision

We envision a world where enduring, abundant, equitable, and meaningful access to information serves to empower and inspire humanity.

Our Mission

The Alphabet Library aspires to advance knowledge by providing a trusted foundation for the generation, dissemination, use, creative engagement with, and preservation of information, in support of the Alphabet mission and so that it can be brought to bear on the world’s great challenges and in the cause of social justice.

Our Values

How we pursue our mission is as important as the mission itself, thus our organization supports the core values of both the profession of librarianship and our parent institution, Alphabet. Our values ground both our strategic decisions and our operational approach: we aim to do great things, and to find joy and meaning in our work.

The Alphabet Library contribute to a better world …

With Openness and Transparency

  • We foster lifelong learning and openness among our staff, our colleagues, and the communities we serve.
  • We act with integrity to buttress liberty and democracy by protecting intellectual freedom and the right to privacy.
  • We aim to conduct ourselves with transparency and authenticity in all aspects of our work and organization.
  • We aim to work with others to identify collaborative solutions to community-wide challenges.
  • We aspire to promote rigorous scholarship and many diverse ways of knowing and creating to advance human understanding and well being.

Via Curiosity and Inquiry

  • We foster work that is creative, and that integrates mind, hand, and heart.
  • We welcome thoughtful risk taking and embrace both successes and failures as essential to learning.
  • We aim to solve hard problems and tackle grand challenges in our work and our profession.
  • We aspire to be a model for innovation and adaptation in research libraries and archives.

By pursuing Social Justice and an Ethic of Care

  • We foster deep respect and understanding for human beings inside and outside our organization and the communities in which they live; we approach our work and one another from an ethic of care.
  • We aim to provide equitable service to all people, regardless of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, age, genetic information, veteran status, or national or ethnic origin.
  • We place special emphasis on services that are welcoming and inclusive of members of groups who are currently and/or have historically been marginalized or denied full participation in society.
  • We strive to promote many voices, and to reflect diversity of both knowledge itself and ways of knowing in our collections, and in our approach to information management and organization.
  • We aspire to leverage the work, values, and resources of libraries and archives as forces for social justice in our communities.